Hello, friends!

We go on telling you about the changes that await you in the Major Update 0.70—and today we’d like to show you how the process of creating the character will change.

A lot of players keep asking us about the possibility of creating their own character, but as soon as Exoplanet is a story-driven RPG, there can be only one character. Jack Sharp.

Nevertheless, in the beginning we were planning to customize the character depending on his background — an eye patch for an ex-pirate, scars on an ex-soldier’s face and so on. But at this stage of development such visual changes would demand a lot of time for their creation and the adaptation of the cutscenes for each character. That’s why at the moment we’ve stopped at the creation of archetypes.

This is an extremely important gameplay option which allows you to create a unique character from the very beginning of the game, putting several points into the skills which suit your style of playing. Every skill has an explanation—which bonuses it gives and what it influences, that’s why there won’t be any problems during the creation of the archetype.

If you don’t like to spend time on the learning of skills and distribution of points and want to start playing as soon as possible, we’ve considered some ready solutions which you can use.

Meanwhile, the key raffle in our Discord goes on and we want to congratulate the winners of this week:


Have a nice game, guys!

We remind you that you have a chance to get a free key if you join our channel. And if you’re not a winner this time, don’t worry — you’ll automatically become a participant of the next weekly raffles up to the release of the major update 0.70.

That’s all for now. Leave your feedback, follow the news of development in Steam and make sure to drop by to our #devblog in Discord.

See you next week!