Alersteam is a tiny indie team behind Exoplanet: First Contact. There are only 5 core members and 11 developers total working on the game, professionals who have experience in creating games and mods for several years. Since they are living in different countries, from Russia to the USA, they are working remotely.

According to Alersteam, they are passionate gamers themselves who are not satisfied with modern AAA titles and the traditional business model where the developer must submit to the publisher and work hard in order to make the game sell better but not to be actually a good game itself.

‘‘Publishers want to decrease their risks and get as many players as possible, to follow trends, to cover PC, console and mobile market at the same time, to squeeze out every franchise, to earn money on remasters and remakes of successful titles, feeding gamers the same games over and over again whether they are the old ones or brand new titles with the same filling. We believe that these games have lost their initial beauty and their immersive atmosphere which is now fulfills with expensive pre-rendered cut-scenes.
What we want is to create a game based on old-school principles and modern technology, hard-core game design and, perhaps, some fresh ideas. We develop our debut project for those players who want to dive in an immersive world with great story and depth, with its own spirit and look and feel.’’

Alersteam is working on the game full-time since 2016.