BUILD 0.64

A new quest, visual and gameplay improvements

The long holidays are over and we are eager to show you the results of our recent work. This update contains less new quests or gameplay features but lays solid foundation for further major improvements coming up this year.

We have added only one but pretty fun quest that gives you more insight into Scalphunter tribe lore.

In terms of visuals we focused our efforts on improving the rest of the clothing models for aborigines, so they will look more colorful and diverse than ever.

  • All models of the aboriginal clothing now use Physical Based Rendering (PBR) technology for their textures.
  • Our custom shader is applied when possible so designers now are able to dye these clothes in a wide range of colors.
  • A number of hats were adjusted to fit other races and now use PBR, so they can come in different color variations as well.
  • Terrain textures for the desert biome were replaced by a better set.
  • Blocking was added as an option for the player in combat. Hold Right Mouse Button to block.
  • Heavy attacks are now activated by pressing Shift+Left Mouse Button combination.
  • NPCs now can choose behavior patterns between attacking, holding the distance, strafing, side stepping and blocking.
  • In melee fights characters now will use more appropriate animations for different attacks (still placeholders though).
  • NPCs now will reload their weapons when shooting.
  • Obstacle avoidance algorithm for NPCs was improved.
  • A new Quest was added to the Scalphunter camp. Talk to the character called Wall Eye near the big cage with beasts to start it.

Thanks for staying with us and providing your immensely valuable feedback!
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